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So i dengar banyak cerita pasal asot ni. I bought the tix but J takde during that time so... Tak pergi! No doubt its the best event this year, sides zouk out but that will be held in Singapore. So, it doesnt count. Macam biase, sure got ravers yang mati , koma , LOST due to OD. I mean for them nak rave, kena take drugs and all... For sure nak high high bagai. But berpada-pada la. Friendly advice. Im not that innocent but just nak ingatkan sesame ravers. Ahhh gituhhh.  Tak pasal2 day 3 of FMFA, police  step in and cancel the event. I didnt go but, i feel you guys laa. Tension , like you paid for the tix then suddenly the event got cancelled cuz somebody didnt rave responsibly. Kemain ayat kannn. Haaa. Nyways, keep RAVING and stay SAFE people😘

. RIP to all raverS who passed away.
My deepest condolences