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L O V E ♥

Many of us wonder, what does love really means? Is it about the flowers? the luxurious? the sex? the diamonds? or FEELINGS? Most likely, FEELINGS! LOVE IS PUTTING SOMEONE ELSE'S NEEDS BEFORE YOURS! A wise girl once told me, " LOVE IS NOT ABOUT OWNING SOMEONE, ITS ABOUT SEEING THEM HAPPY" .. If you love someone, you would want him/her to be happy regardless if they're yours or not. If showering them with flowers makes them happy, THEN GET SOME ROSES! If spending some time with them, makes them happy.. THEN MAKE TIME ! If letting them go, makes them happy.. THEN LET GO! Its all about them! You think about their feelings before yours. Nevertheless of what you are willing to do for them. You put them first before others. They're all you think about! Some love are so powerful , they even willing to take a bullet for them. That kind of love... BULLSHIT! HAHAHA. where got nowadays people willing to take bullet for gf/bf one. KENTUT oso lari dy. siau cabo!


SACRIFICE: LOVE my friend, requires sacrifice. TIME, MONEY, FRIENDSHIP etc etc.. If that love worth keeping, losing a friend wont cost you anything. You can find friends, they are stupid enough to leave! Spent some $$$ , believe me... you can earn more! Spent some time with them, if they're the one.. every single time is precious! BUT losing your one TRUE LOVE.. boy thats hard to find! You wont find that kinda boy/girl in 10 years, even worst THIS LIFE! Try again in your next life!

AU CONTRAIRE, love is not only about the other half... family, friends, GOD etc etc. Its up to us to 'call a spade' what love is. LOVE something you cant buy in 'pasar malam' or order at Dip 'n' Dip. Its something you need to build, earn just like trust! Once you get it, cherish every moment, SECONDS of your life. Love is ESSENTIAL!

So MAKE TIME, show your love ones how much you love them!

I know i've shown my LOVE, ( I LOVE YOU J! ♥ *lelambai* )

xoxo, N